Dish of The Week

Dish of The Week

Mushroom Miso Carbonara is our new Dish of The Week. A Japanese-styled vegetarian Carbonara dish prepared without cream. An umami-packed Wafu pasta 和風パスタ recipe with Shiitake しいたけ and Hon-Shimeji ホンシメジ mushrooms, finished with a sprinkle of crunchy Furikake ふりかけ topping.

Enjoy this pleasantly savoury and earthy vegetarian dish with a chilled glass of Giesen Marlborough Pinot Noir from our curated list of house pours. The classic “Green Tea Lychee” makes a great non-alcoholic option.

Our new Dish of The Week is available for a limited time only @ $13.50+ from Wednesday, 12 May 2021.

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